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Scenes from our Third and Fourth Grade Play

A wonderful night was had last night as our Question Mark Elementary 3rd and 4th Graders reenacted important moments in our town's history. And yes, it didn't go perfectly, but what does, really. The important thing is that our children tried their best. Here's some memorable scenes from an unforgettable night.

a photograph of a child on a stage, she is dressed in a brown paper costume, very boxy, with a square paper bag head and a round cartoon face attached. children line the stage to the left of the figure in the envelope costume.

Ella McEntire recalled most of her lines as the first envelope off the line at the Wiley Envelope Factory.

a photograph of a boy complete covered in a homemade ice-cream-cone costume. there is an opening in the scoop where you can see his face, obscured in shadow. his hands peek out along the side of the cone, holding it up. A girl stands in the background, her arms crossed.

Terry Quinn was memorable as the Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream sign.

a photograph of a young child wearing a very lumpy cloth costume, that is largely light blue in color and on her head, white cloth, again just remarkably lumpy, streams down.

Irene Lindholm stole the show as our beloved waterfall.

a photograph of a boy with mid-length hair, his face splotched with paint, wearing a ragged jacket sitting in an enormous pile of soft-sculptured trash. He looks nervous and worried.

Gary Dublowski could have done better as our town garbage dump, but let's not dwell.

Posted by Holly Peterson, Third Grade Teacher on March 10, 2023