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Bookman’s Music Invites you to share the Song in your Heart

a photograph of a wall of guitars at a music shop

Hi everyone,

At Bookman’s Music, we believe everyone has a great song somewhere inside them just waiting to come out. That’s why we’re offering buy one/get one free lessons through February 17th. Whether you’re a beginner or a musical superstar in-the-making, we want to give you all the tools you need to share your musical vision with the world!

And since we know a song from the heart makes the perfect Valentine's gift, we’re offering 10 guitar picks for one dollar all month long.

I know that things have been hard in town lately, and we're very lucky to have escaped much damage from the fire and floods. But maybe now is the time to find your song. We'd love to help.

Please stop by our shop, or inquire on our website because these deals won't last forever and time is always "ticking away."

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Todd Bookman

Posted by Todd Bookman on February 6, 2024