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Elizabeth Zisk has been removed as Mayor

People of Question Mark,

Our town has been through a lot recently, but today the Town Council has taken action. After our fact-finding investigation and public comments regarding the catastrophic events of December 17, 2023, an event which led to decimation of the power substation and many homes and businesses, as well as the full evacuation of town for six weeks, the Town Council has concluded that the town now finds itself in the midst of “exigent circumstances” and today has voted to remove Elizabeth Zisk as mayor, invoking Appendix Eight from the town’s historic charter.

The Town Council does not take this action lightly but we feel we must address the systemic failures of the Zisk administration and its inability to keep this community safe. Over the last ten months, ordinary citizens have faced all manner of disappearances of household objects and pets, the unexplained loss of important civic landmarks, the encroachment of giant fungi, a floating purple light capable of electrocuting victims, unremitting cult activity, extended sleep paralysis, two unsolved murders, and many other deleterious events, all culminating in a fire and flood that led to the evacuation of town. The Town Council would be derelict in its duty if we were not to take action at this moment.

The deliberation we undertook today was methodical and long. There were many moments where the Town Council was deadlocked and it seemed that the path forward was that of indecision. However after hours of arguments, our newest Councilmember, Gerald Ames, stepped forward and cast the deciding vote, declaring “Let justice be a reckoning.”

Following Ames’ vote, which brought the final tally to 4-3, there was a mild disturbance from our outgoing mayor and I thank our Question Mark Police for handling the outburst with professionalism.

The Town Council would like to thank Mayor Zisk for her many years of service. We wish her well in all her future endeavors. Lt. Mayor Brandon Feely will serve as Interim Mayor until a special election can be scheduled for November 5, 2024.

Posted by Tom Weathers, Town Council on February 17, 2024