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a photograph of a well-kept cemetery at sunset

St. Casimir’s Non-Denominational Cemetery is pleased to announce there are several plots available in its very affordable French Section and its nearby Urn Garden. Both sections offer a budget-friendly alternative to the cemetery’s more elegant plots, while still providing a sense of quiet dignity.

St. Casimir's is one of Question Mark's most hidden treasures. Amongst the everyday hustle and bustle lies a serene yet vibrant park-like cemetery, full of wonder, mystery, and secret reflective moments. These moments may come in an unexpected flash of glinting light by a nearby reflecting pool or the song of a lark as it ponders its tumultuous existence, but it is our goal to offer visitors the opportunity to engage in the poetry and solemnity of existence as they ponder the fleeting nature of time. We invite you to explore the grounds and inquire about becoming a part of this town we all love for eternity.

Posted by Gus Stephens on February 21, 2024