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Town Announcements

Elizabeth Zisk has been reinstated as mayor

It is my duty to inform the community that the town of Question Mark, OH has decided to reinstate Elizabeth Zisk as mayor via petition as per Appendix Nine in our town charter. At the end of the allotted 24 hour window, the petition had amassed 3571 signatures, exceeding the 51% threshold by three signatures.

The Town Council very much looks forward to working through the many problems that Question Mark continues to face with the newly-reinstated mayor. It is my personal hope that this experience has humbled my fellow members of the Town Council and that we may now enter this new period with both humility and a spirit of compromise.

Apparently this somewhat bizarre, helter-skelter process is exactly what Reginald Willey and the founding fathers of our country had in mind when first creating this system of democracy and that progress and change never seem to move in a straight line.


Posted by Tom Weathers, Town Council on February 26, 2024