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Field recording of strange musical signals being broadcast in Question Mark

Field Recording 2024-03-01. Recorded at 5:57 this evening. Temperature was 6.66° C. Visibility was clear.

With the help of several inquisitive members of your community including Violet Bookman and my cousin, Theophilus Willey—who, although he was forced to leave MIT under suspicions of academic fraud has shown an uncanny ability to pursue questions of temporal entanglement—we have recorded an audio pattern, perhaps musical in nature, being transmitted at various frequencies from a number of places in town.

This particular signal was being broadcast at your defunct radio station, WQMO. Your input would be greatly appreciated in resolving this odd, musical mystery.

Please contact Violet Bookman via the social media internet using your normal communication techniques if you have any pertinent information.

Posted by Dr. Amodeus Harrington-Willey on March 1, 2024