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Mr. Freeze-E ice cream is missing, the whole thing

People of Question Mark. I have some terrible news to share with each of you.

This morning when I went to open the store I noticed nothing was there. The entire store was gone and in its place was only gravel and dirt. In my mind I could see the door handle, the glass door which always has kids’ fingerprints on it no matter how many times you clean it, I could smell the delicious odor of waffle cones and hear the squeak of the tile floor which had been mopped last night, but it was gone, all gone.

I know things have been vanishing from this town over the last few months: one of my sweaters and a pair of slippers seemed to walk off on their own. But this, nothing like this, has ever happened to me before. Maybe this is what it feels like to lose a business or home in a tornado or hurricane?

Or maybe this is some kind of elaborate joke? But what I feel in my stomach tells me it’s not. The original Mr. Freeze-E, home to more than fifty years of laughter and fun, is gone and I have no idea who I am even supposed to call. The corporate office? The police? The mayor? Isn’t this why we reinstated her? To stop things like this from happening?

I am sitting in my car right now, staring at the blank space where the building is supposed to be, and blinking really fast to stop myself from crying.

I just thought everyone would like to know.

Posted by Marlene Winters, Mr. Freeze-E manager-in-training on March 4, 2024