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Veterans Hall has vanished

As you know, I am not one to bother anyone with any of my particular thoughts and feelings, but last night, I had another very unusual dream. For the last few months, I have been having very unsettling dreams involving circles and hazy lights. Sometimes I wake up shouting and bother Herb, who is not a sound sleeper.

But last night was unusual in that the dream was very clear. In the dream I was selling Bingo cards as I do most Tuesday nights and I heard Jamie Jenkins reading out the letters and numbers and heard the vets at the bar telling their stories and even got a clear sight of Officer Ron Dublowski yelling Bingo just before, one by one, everyone and everything began to disappear. First the people I knew and saw each and every Tuesday night, then the bar, then the folding tables and chairs, then the little stage, then everything went silent and became bright white.

When I woke up it was like I had a fever because my hands would not stop shaking and it felt like I had forgotten to do something important so I crawled out of bed and got in the car and drove over to Veterans Hall and it was gone. Just like Mr. Freeze-E. I could see right through to the parking lot and the streetlamps behind where the building was supposed to be standing and then all the dreams I had been having suddenly made sense.

I cannot tell how many memories I have of that place, how many Bingo nights, school dances, wedding parties, talent shows and, like that, each of those memories were gone. My heart is breaking, Question Mark, and I don’t know what any of us can do.

Posted by Mayra Davis, Veterans Hall Volunteer on March 8, 2024