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Bruno Ellis inducted into Wrestling Hall of Fame

a photo of a large bald man with a walrus mustache holding an award

Iris Englebrecht, my dad, and I had the incredible honor to witness Bruno Ellis–formerly known as the Ohio Strangler–become part of wrestling history on Saturday night at the Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cincinnati. He asked me to read his acceptance speech which was very thoughtful and, afterwards, he got his photo taken with some other local legends including Eddie the Eagle Tyrell.

While we were in Cincinnati, Bruno also met with the widow of Bob Bancroft. It was a very touching moment and made me realize how long it sometimes takes for us to let go of the past.

Bruno has saved me and this town again and again. He is generally very humble so if you see him in town, please congratulate him and thank him for everything he does to make Question Mark a truly incredible place.

Posted by Violet Bookman on March 17, 2024