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Everyone: just a note to say it looks like Dr. Peterson’s dentist office has vanished. I was pulling into the parking lot and saw Trish behind the counter and other people inside and the next moment everything was gone. I am deeply worried about where they have gone and who will now clean my teeth?

Everyone knows Dr. Peterson has abnormally large hands which have been a point of concern for most of his patients over the years but he does have a kindly manner. Also he has been the only dentist in town for the past thirty years. It’s very upsetting. I tried to call the office number from the car but I did not receive an answer and now I am very concerned about Dr. Peterson, his hands, and the entire staff including Trish who is so good at remembering birthdays.

I am not 100% why I signed that petition a few weeks ago if things like this are going to occur.

Posted by Gladys Parker on March 18, 2024