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Former corrupt police officer Troy Holland brought to justice. Again.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that after a painstaking investigation led by the Question Mark Police Department, charges have been filed against former QMPD officer Troy Holland, aka Travis Hartford, aka Tom Harris, aka Tip Headley, aka Tiny Haversham, aka Todd Harrington, aka Timothy Hartley, for his involvement in leading a criminal conspiracy to defraud unsuspecting citizens through the operation of several fraudulent charities and the sale of historical items. In addition to this multi-million dollar scheme, Holland is also being charged with distribution and intent to sell narcotics.Finally, the QMPD has also uncovered a nefarious plot to sell “golden” Bibles, which it turned out were mostly blank.

It also must be noted that although Troy Holland is the estranged fraternal uncle to current QMPD officers Tim and Dave Holland, at no point did this complex familial relationship interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Although the QMPD has struggled with many of the ongoing disappearances and otherworldly occurrences in town of late, we are extremely proud of Officer Ron Dublowski, who was instrumental in this investigation, and his dedication to making this town a better place.

Posted by Gus Holt, Question Mark Chief of Police on March 29, 2024