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Donations Needed to Restore Willey Clocktower

a photo of a a clocktower

The Willey Clocktower is one of the oldest, most recognizable Question Mark man-made features in our town and has, over the last forty years, fallen into an embarrassing state of disrepair. Sometimes I cross the street when walking down Main in order to avoid having to look at the graffiti that now covers its once-beautiful facade.

First constructed by town founder Reginald Willey in 1884, the 82-foot clocktower was once a symbol of progress and industry featuring four, fully-illuminated clock faces. After a very public falling-out between Willey heirs Royce and Reuben Willey in 1979, each clock face stopped working and the clocktower slowly became a hang-out for hooligans and ner-do-wells.

As our town continues to face adversity and uncertainty, we at the Question Mark Historical Society believe restoring this beloved icon will help all of us honor our rich past while also imagining a bright, hopeful future. As a first step to restoring this beautiful icon of the town, we are happy to announce the launch of the Willey Clocktower website, which I think captures the fascinating history of the clocktower and of Question Mark itself.

For more information on how you can donate, please stop by the Question Mark Historical Society at 1901 First Street. Also, I am still looking for participants for our Kite-Fighting Club for the upcoming season.

Posted by Jock Reynolds, retired person on April 1, 2024