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Children injured at Spring Flower Show

Whoever from the University of Ohio Experimental Crop Station thought it was a good idea to bring several grotesque-looking plant specimens to a public flower show has no idea about the nature of beauty or the rules of decorum. I have no idea what goes on in scientific circles but what occurred today was deeply disturbing and completely unacceptable.

Now that the Voids have disappeared, this community had better take a long look at itself and decide how it plans to generate income moving forward. I had thought a flower show would have been a pretty low-risk endeavor but once again this town has proven me wrong.

Also, the parents of Terry Quinn and Rudy McClain have my deepest apologies. This is not an admission of guilt on the town’s behalf and also I assume no personal responsibility. But, in my opinion, this was an unfortunate incident that could have easily been avoided and scientists or not, you should all be deeply ashamed.

Posted by Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on April 6, 2024