Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio

Town Announcements

Spring Carnival (formerly Winter Carnival) canceled due to weather and/or possible anomalies with Time

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Spring Carnival, formerly the Winter Carnival, is canceled yet again due to ab unfortunate weather event that seems to have turned the skies red. It also appears that the town is perhaps experiencing several Time-related challenges and to keep all citizens of Question Mark safe, the mayor’s office has decided to cancel these festivities.

In addition, Randy Simms from the Randy Simms School of Music Performers appears to be missing. Several witnesses claim that the band was about to take the stage for a soundcheck when several nearby buildings appeared and disappeared. It seems Mr. Simms became overwhelmed with fear, shouted something about the return of a seven-headed monster, and fled from the scene.

Anyone with any information on Mr. Simms whereabouts should please contact the Question Mark Police or use the Report-A-Disappearance site.

We hope that the oddly red skies will dissipate soon. Probably stay inside.

Posted by The Office of Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on April 12, 2024