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Performance of Haydn’s Cello Concerto in C STILL ON Tomorrow

Based on the number of emails my office has received, I want to confirm that tomorrow’s cello concert by our very own Nanako Yakamoto will go on as planned at 12pm in the Town Square, just outside our beloved Willey Clocktower, regardless of whatever ridiculous tragedy, disaster, catastrophe, or apocalypse might occur. Negative thinking has never gotten a person anywhere.

Yes, buildings are still blinking in and out of existence on occasion. Yes, the sky does still have a barely-noticeable red tone. Yes, just yesterday some hoodlums placed some sort of vague warning into our Town Announcements (we will be reviewing our policies regarding open posting of announcements at the next possible moment). But in spite of all these ongoing travesties, I still demand a place for the sublime, the sophisticated, the beautiful.

Of course, some may say the world is ending—but isn’t the world always ending? It’s art, it’s music, it’s culture that helps us find our way through. And I would rather be the mayor of a town on the brink of destruction that honors such great works than continue to bow to fear, panic, and irrationality.

If you are planning on attending, please wear appropriate attire or you will be forcibly removed. No beach chairs.

Posted by Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on April 19, 2024