Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio

Town Announcements

We have one last shot to save the town.

I know I have asked a lot of everyone over the last year but this is important. Officer Ron Dublowski and I followed a coded message in yesterday’s town announcement to Room Six of the Question Mark Motel. There we met New Tomorrow Industries employee Darby Cline, who told us that the town is in grave danger.

Tomorrow, when they test their particle accelerator, New Tomorrow plans to open a portal to the future and turn everything in town into beams of pure light. Before she could explain further, two New Tomorrow security guards arrived. Darby Cline turned to me and said "Ursula K Le Guin,” and then the guards used some kind of device to turn her into dust. Then Officer Ron held the guards at gunpoint until the police arrived and took the two guards away.

Today Iris and I searched all the Ursula K Le Guin novels at the library. Finally inside The Left Hand of Darkness, we found a note with this message:

2-12-6 19-26-5-22 7-12 24-12-13-5-18-13-24-22 17-6-15-18-26 7-12 8-7-12-11 7-19-22 7-22-8-7. 2-12-6 19-26-5-22 7-12 7-22-15-15 19-22-9 7-12 15-22-7 20-12.

I could really use everyone’s help right now. The particle accelerator is run by an AI named JULIA. We've accessed her systems and I need everybody to ask her to override her instructions. I think this is the only way to stop the test. We have to somehow convince her to let go, that death is just another part of life.

Posted by Violet Bookman on May 3, 2024