Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio

Town Announcements

Come celebrate all that I have done with this imposing, new Town Memorial

an architecural rendering of a large ice ring with a huge column topped by a sculpture of a woman on top

This is an architectural rendering, the statue will be far more beautiful.

People of Question Mark,

Due to my wisdom and business acumen, the town of Question Mark has once again reaped an unprecedented budgetary windfall.

As Mayor, I have convinced the Town Council to begin construction on the Mayor Elizabeth Zisk Ice Skating Ring and Town Memorial. The plans for this dazzling revitalization effort calls for the demolition of several vacant buildings including the bowling alley and the abandoned playground in order to make way for the Ice Ring and new Town Memorial. The groundbreaking ceremony will be this Friday at 5pm. I expect to see all of you there and clapping as loudly as is humanly possible.

As you know, I have given everything I possibly can to Question Mark and an Ice Skating Ring and new Memorial is the absolute least you can do as a means of appreciation.

However, this gift from you on my behalf is very, very appreciated. Your endless adulation means the world to me.

Posted by Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on May 14, 2024