Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio

Town Announcements

Town needs to evacuate. And please keep clear of Towns Towing

a photograph of a junk car lot with fireworks exploding in the sky

Due to the impending possible disappearance of the town in two days, all citizens of Question Mark are hereby ordered to evacuate. Please follow standard evacuation procedures, of which you should now be quite familiar. We had hoped to avoid this evacuation order, but frankly a machine designed to reset time to 13 months ago is well outside the technical expertise of the Question Mark Police Department. We did consult experts. They said the same thing. Please take this order seriously.

On the bright side, although it has been more than ten months, I am pleased to report that the Question Mark Police Department has located the stolen fireworks from last year's Fourth of July festivities! They were hidden in an abandoned car in Towns Towing lot. Unfortunately, in locating the fireworks, they have been discharged.

Although these fireworks are continuing to explode over the Towns lot in a frenzy of dazzling lights and colors, please do not approach for your own safety. Please let emergency personnel extinguish the fireworks properly.

And please, begin evacuating.

Posted by Gus Holt, Chief of Police on May 18, 2024