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I need your help!

a photograph of three flyers stapled to a telephone poll. The flyers are bright orange and green and read MR BUSINESS IS MISSING with a poorly photocopied picture of a cat. Then they say 'any information call (740) 647-4807' and 'possibly the smartest cat in the world' and 'for more info questionmark.town' and finally LAST SEEN IN QUESTION MARK OHIO.

My neighbor’s cat Mr. Business is still missing. I feel like we are so close to finding him. We have looked behind the alley at the envelope factory, by British Soldier Field, at the old tannery, and by the woods. Yesterday I think I saw him at the ruined playground, but he ran off.

Mr. Business is probably the smartest cat in the world. Any clue would help at this point.

I’ve made a flyer you could use. Or you could make your own. Could you please hang them up around your neighborhood?

Please take a picture and @ me with it so I know what parts of town are covered.

Thank you so much for letting everyone know.

Posted by Violet Bookman on May 7, 2023