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Missing cat found. But no head.

a photograph of a garbage bag in a dark forest. It's holding something vaguely animal-shaped inside.

I know the chief has asked me before not to post to the Town Announcements, but it's been a very long night and my phone is finally working again and I think you need to know that I found a cat.

I found it sometime after midnight last night, I'm not sure because I don't wear a watch and my phone had died.

It seems to be missing its head.

I looked for it, I did, and let me tell you that was terrible, looking for a cat head in the middle of the night when your phone doesn't work and you've already found the rest of the cat. I don't ever need to do that again. Also putting the cat body in a bag. Never again, I hope. Lots of hand sanitizer once I finally found my squad car, which took all night.

Also, it's Father's Day, which now the chief has us all on duty for even though I worked a double yesterday specifically to have today off. But he said you found it Ronny, you deal with it. I asked him not to call me that. This is your life, I guess.

Anyway, trying to determine owner. Please have patience.

Posted by Officer Ron Dublowski on June 18, 2023