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ALERT Local Boy Missing

A MISSING flyer for Quentin Quinn

Attention People of Question Mark:

Quentin Quinn, a six-year-old student at Question Mark Elementary, was reported missing by his parents at 5:00pm today.

Quentin Quinn was last seen at the abandoned Question Park amusement park and petting zoo located at 4500 County Route 54 at approximately noon today. The boy had accompanied his older brother Terry Quinn to the location of his disappearance. He entered one of the many condemned buildings on the property and did not return after more than an hour. According to his brother, he was not dared or otherwise coerced into entering what he described as a "building made of glass."

To the community: Question Park and Petting Zoo has been closed for 23 years and is considered condemned and dangerous. As the no entry sign very clearly states outside the perimeter fencing: it is no longer a place for children or joy. We urge all citizens of Question Mark, Ohio to stay away from the site.

Quentin Quinn is 4'1" and has brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt with the Professor Chik N Crunch logo, tan shorts, and was carrying a yellow backpack.

We want the citizens of Question Mark to understand that the Question Mark Police Department is taking this matter very seriously. Every member of our law enforcement team is on this case. We have produced flyers, so please distribute these widely.

If you have any information DO NOT HESITATE to contact the Question Mark Police Department at (740) 647-4807 extension 1.

Posted by Gus Holt, Question Mark Chief of Police on July 9, 2023