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FBI now involved in missing boy search

Attention People of Question Mark:

As of 1000 hours this morning, Quentin Quinn remains missing.

At 1900 last night, I made the decision to bring in additional resources in our search. The FBI has come from Columbus and is now conducting a vigorous investigation.

As the FBI go about their work, please do not hassle them with trivial matters regarding lost or missing items of your own. Do not ask them about shoes or tires or pets. These people are trained investigators and not here to help you locate misplaced household objects. Time is of the essence and a boy’s life may be at stake.

We understand that everyone is concerned about this disappearance, but once again would like to reiterate that Question Park is a condemned property and nobody but the police or FBI should be conducting their own investigations there. If you would like to assist our police operations, we ask that the citizens of Question Mark distribute our missing persons flyer broadly.

Also, know that the brave men and women of QMPD have followed every lead and are continuing to work to ensure this young person will be returned to his family as soon as possible. Please stop throwing water balloons, milkshakes, and other beverages in their direction.

If you have any information about Quentin Quinn DO NOT HESITATE to contact the Question Mark Police Department at (740) 647-4807 extension 1.

Posted by Gus Holt, Question Mark Chief of Police on July 13, 2023