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Possible backpack from missing boy recovered

I know I have been asked not to post official business to the Town Announcements, but this seems really important.

Last night, while out on the Question Mark Junior Scouts summer campout, which is usually very nice, two members of the Question Mark community came running through camp, one of them yelling.

First of all that yelling scared the children and also myself. It's best to not yell in the woods around children or also adults maybe, especially when there have been a number of bad things happening in town and, let's face it, many people are on edge. It took a long time to recover all of the children. But, I am glad to report, that as of this morning they are all accounted for.

But also: the yelling. The yelling was because they went into an old mine deep in the woods and they thought perhaps they had found a clue about the whereabouts of Quentin Quinn, the missing child that many of our own Junior Scouts mentioned by name as a reason they went running off into the woods after the yelling began.

I accompanied the two people, Violet Bookman and Bruno Ellis, into the woods. It was a very far walk, I had to stop to catch my breath a number of times, into what was almost certainly an unsafe mine. Once there we recovered a yellow backpack filled with empty candy wrappers and a book stolen from the library that was last seen with Quentin Quinn, leading me to assume that this was, in fact, the boy's backpack.

As the chief told me when I radioed it in, "You know what they say about people that assume, Ronny," and I told him that I didn't and also not call me that, but before he could tell me what they say he said that the FBI was going to head to the mine and that I was relieved for the night, which meant I could go back to the campground and find the scouts, some of whom were very well hidden.

Also let this important discovery be proof the Question Mark Police Department does not and will not ever give up. If we work together, we can find Quentin Quinn. I know this has been scary but we can’t give up.

Posted by Officer Ron Dublowski on July 23, 2023