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Our Amazing Collider and You, presentation and test today!

We at New Tomorrow Industries and Quantum Dynamic Solutions are proud to call Question Mark, Ohio "home" to our newest technological breakthrough, the Eightceleratorâ„¢ particle accelerator.

We were thrilled to see such a wonderful turnout at the beautiful Question Mark Public Library last night for our presentation and community question hour. We were especially thrilled to see so many enthusiastic employees in attendance! For those members of the Question Mark community who were unable to attend our presentation or could not find a seat in such a full room, we wanted to make these slides available in the spirit of transparency, inclusiveness, and authenticity. We hope you find them illuminating.

In addition, we are overjoyed to be testing our Eightceleratorâ„¢ today at 4pm Eastern and look forward to taking this step into a cleaner, brighter, more promising future together. We do recommend that during testing you remain indoors, simply as a precautionary measure. We expect everything to go perfectly.

As we say at New Tomorrow Industries, we'll see you tomorrow, today!

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Posted by Darby Cline, New Tomorrow Industries on July 29, 2023