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Missing–an important historical document from the Question Mark Public Library

As many of you know, the Question Mark Public Library is honored to host town founder Reginald Willey’s archive, an indexed repository of his papers, published works, and correspondence.

As a citizen, business owner, and scholar, Mr. Willey’s impact on the town of Question Mark cannot be understated. And yet, we are disappointed to admit some unnamed patron saw fit to “borrow” several pages from his second biography, I Have Most Often Been Wrong. Completed near the very end of Willey’s life, these missing pages provide an invaluable insight into his complex mind, examining his interests in philanthropy, linguistics, and amateur clockwork.

In place of the missing pages, librarians found a very perplexing note: hs hr shld sn kdzqm sgd sqtsg zants sghr snvm.

As an institution founded on curiosity and an openness towards learning, we implore the overenthusiastic reader to please return these pages at once. No charges will be filed as long as the pages are returned intact. If you have any information, please phone (740) 693-2495 or email reference@questionmarklibrary.info.

Posted by Greta Twombley, Town Librarian on August 25, 2023