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Get Your Car Looking Great and Learn a Little about Ohio at the Question Mark Car Wash!

a photograph of three elaborate white costumed people standing in front of a yellow car at a car wash.

The ghosts of Neil Armstrong, Dean Martin, and Cy Young.

As the end of summer rolls around, all of us at the Question Mark Car Wash want to invite you to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning while enjoying some lively historical information about your home state. That’s why we’re offering an End of Summer Sale with two dollars off your first wash.

We recognize just how much your vehicle means to you and will treat it with the utmost respect, the same respect we give to Ohio’s unbelievably true history. Did you know Steven Spielberg was born here? It sounds unbelievable but it’s a fact! Annie Oakley and Bob Hope too! Enjoy learning about Ohio while our attendants, dressed in historically-accurate costumes of the state's famous ghosts, are taking care of your car.

Plus, if you can name at least two Presidents who hailed from the great state of Ohio you’ll get your first wash free!

Also: Love Ohio? Love making things clean? We're hiring attendants. Previous experience unnecessary, just be sure you have no aversion to water and a curious mind! Stop by to apply.

Posted by Tom Childs, Owner, Question Mark Car Wash on September 5, 2023