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New Reginald Willey Note Discovered

Thanks to the ingenious literary exploration of town scholars Violet Bookman, Iris Englebrecht, and Nanako Yakamoto, I am pleased to announce the Question Mark Public Library is honored to have uncovered a rare, handwritten note outlining Reginald Willey’s vision of the town and nation.

The note was discovered today in his Encyclopedie America and accompanies his musical notation for "Question Mark, OH, Question Mark," a composition which remained unfinished at the time of his death.

It is our pleasure to share his most personal thoughts with you in this transcription below:

25 September 1897

For once, I will speak plainly as this message may be the most important I have sent. I have seen with mine own eyes what Europeans have brought to bear upon this land once thought to be a Paradise. With mine own eyes I have seen the destruction of a native region and its people, and the enslavement of an entire race of humans, and the establishment of a system of class with economic and social ills that will endure long after.

Here in the town I love, I have come face to face with a Most Certain Emptiness, a Void in its Spirit, a Wound of Interminable Greed. And this Wound will only grow stronger, an Endless Circle, spiraling further and further through time.

But even in the midst of so much disappointment, there is hope. After many years of failed attempts, I have uncovered the Mystery of this Endless Circle. I enclose this unfinished composition, Question Mark, OH, Question Mark in the hopes that someone, on some far off day in the Future, will finish the work and save this Town and Nation. For this Noble Experiment is never completed, will never truly be done. I entrust these pages to those in the Future in hopes they may join their voices to this Chorus and close this Void, once and for all.

Reginald Willey

Posted by Greta Twombley, Head Librarian on September 29, 2023