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Town Announcements

Another update from my research on cults in Ohio

a building, collapsed, lays in the midst of other 1800s-era factories

Your town once again features prominently in my latest research, which is, of course, good and bad news.

Suffice to say, after this week’s building collapse, which, from a researcher’s perspective seems rather purposeful, things are looking, shall we say, difficult in Question Mark cult-wise.

But please know that whatever happens, I am here, staying at the Question Mark Motel, ready to document it all, right up until the point where there’s nothing left. Which, to be honest, is generally what tends to happen in this type of situation. All my experience in such matters points to a confrontation of dire proportions, but who’s to say?

I direct you to my research page for further investigation.

Posted by Everard Bright, Professor, Emphasis on Cult Studies on October 6, 2023