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In memory, Tom Childs

The former Tom Childs, seen here with his loving now-widow Barbara.

The former Tom Childs, seen here with his loving now-widow Barbara

I regret to inform the town that Tom Childs passed away yesterday. Do not speculate on the cause of his passing, for that is ultimately inconsequential. Instead reflect on the life that he lead.

Tom will be remembered as someone who dared to dream, who, from almost nothing, created a thriving business with his wife, Barbara, featuring historically-themed ghosts cleaning bumpers and windows, a business that has come to symbolize the thriftiness and economic progress this town has become known for. He will also be remembered as an upstanding member of our community, who held a seat on our Town Council and was the overseer of our elections as the head of the Voting Committee.

Perhaps many of you here in Question Mark, on this solemn day, could reflect on how you could be more like Tom Childs. How you could be a self-starter. How you could be a person who gives back to this community. How you could be a devoted husband to a wife now besotted with grief.

Tom, know that you will be missed and that this town is stronger after all of your contributions.

A special election will be held to fill Tom’s seat on the Town Council on November 7th. As you know, Tom’s work with the Voting Committee was nothing short of competent, with only a few minor mistakes in the last election cycle. While I am hard pressed to immediately think of anyone capable of filling Tom's average-sized shoes, I am sure candidates will emerge, even if they are uninspiring.

Barbara Childs would like everyone to know the Question Mark Car Wash will be closed this week in observance of Tom’s death but will reopen next Saturday with half off all wax treatments for cars and trucks.

Posted by Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on October 15, 2023