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I believe I am the only person who can save this town from itself

Hello fellow Question Mark citizens,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Owen Brandt. Those of you with children at Question Mark High probably know me as their new assistant principal, who has been working hard to instill needed change at the school. And today, I'm announcing that I want to bring needed change to the town as well, as your new Town Councilman.

Although I have only had the privilege of living in Question Mark for a few short months, I believe, as an outsider, I have the necessary perspective to help this town tackle some of its biggest problems. In my opinion, Question Mark, like so many other towns in this country, has lost its way because it has forgotten its core conservative values and principles.

As assistant principal, I have witnessed the future firsthand and it is strange and depressing. These students today lack discipline, character, academic excellence, and an understanding of what makes this town and country great. All of their time is spent on phones and the internet, talking about anime shows. And some of these shows don’t even seem remotely American. Is this what previous generations sacrificed for? Toilet Bound Hanako Kun?

This is why I have decided to run for Town Council, to help re-imagine our future by looking back to the past. Please visit brandtfortowncouncil.com for more information about all my inspiring ideas, including outlawing Tik Tok.

Let’s work together to bring better leadership, education, and a return to conservative values.

Posted by Owen Brant, QMHS Assistant Principal on October 17, 2023