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Historic house demolished–fascinating to behold but please stay clear!

A large historic victorian home being consumed by an enormous purple fungus.

A fascinating occurrence is underway in Question Mark this morning as Armillaria Quaestio, the large fungus that gives our woods its occasional purple glow, has emerged once again and is in the process of decomposing a home.

Yes, our thoughts go out to the historic Lindholm estate whose house is now being completely devoured by a particularly active arm of Armillaria Quaestio. From a scientific point of view, this once-in-a-millennium opportunity to study the decomposition cycle of such an incredible specimen is simply breathtaking. In response to many concerned emails, no, we do not know how or why this happened. And yes, it may happen to other buildings and residences around town!

We do not recommend traveling to view this surprising occurrence. However, determined onlookers should wear protective masks and goggles to avoid ingesting fungal spores, which may be highly dangerous.

Posted by George Yakamoto, Senior Researcher, Experimental Crop Station on October 25, 2023