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Human remains found; investigation underway

A half-buried skeleton tagged with the number 31.

As of 6:43 pm today, human remains have been discovered in a small cave in the Question Mark Woods three miles southwest of the Falls. The remains are of multiple individuals. Many multiple individuals. At this time, no positive identifications have been made regarding the identities of these many, many multiple individuals.

I understand it is the Halloween season, but thrill-seekers and kids should stay away. Unfortunately, this is not a hoax like the Bigfoot sighting around this time last year. This is a tragedy.

Also, in an effort not to alarm anyone, the medical examiner told me in private that he believes, based on the state of decomposition of the deceased, that the individuals may have been buried over a hundred and fifty years ago. So there’s that.

Anyway, stay away. Await further information. Do not jump to conclusions. The Void will maintain its regular operating hours despite police activity in the woods.

Posted by Gus Holt, Question Mark Chief of Police on October 28, 2023