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Night school for ghosts and other disappeared persons

As the disappearances of persons in town seem to grow along with the recent discovery of the remains of the ninety-nine child workers who died in the Ames Rifle Factory fire, I feel it is my responsibility to provide educational opportunities for all, regardless of their state of material being.

If you or anyone you know has a missing loved one under the age of eighteen, I will be holding night classes for all ghosts and other disappeared persons on Monday evenings, from 7pm-9pm, covering topics as far-ranging as U.S. history, poetry, and drama in my 3rd grade classroom. I welcome this opportunity to learn more about these unique students and help them find their place in our community.

By the end of this first term, it is my goal to helps these students write their own stories and perform a short play based on their experiences.

Thank you to Gary Dublowski for his technical assistance and translation efforts.

Posted by Holly Peterson, Third Grade Teacher on October 31, 2023