Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio

Town Announcements

Yes, The Void is slightly louder but our opportunities continue to expand!

While this town has seemed beset by minor setbacks, one thing has remained constant: Opportunity. The great opportunity offered by The Void, that remarkable glowing phenomenon in the woods that has brought economic vitality back to our, honestly, often-mediocre burg.

And yes, as of today, there are many reports of loud sounds and vibrations emanating from The Void, which although slightly unnerving, will not impede this town’s economic revitalization.

Have you never gone on a roller coaster? Are not all theme parks incredibly noisy? What some call "noise" I call the sound of progress. One must ask just how sensitive everyone in this town has become.

Instead of closing down this beloved attraction that has brought positive attention to our town at a time that so many dwell on the negative, we will continue to welcome visitors and look for additional ways to secure economic prosperity for Question Mark and its citizens.

To mark this remarkable, amplified, change to The Void, we are offering $1 off the purchase of a bumper sticker with the code LOUDERHUM throughout the month of November. While one dollar may not seem like a lot, as my beloved Thompson used to say "a dollar saved is a dollar you can turn into a thousand by reinvesting in your downline."

Posted by Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on November 2, 2023