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In memory, Professor Everard Bright

Several of my aides have encouraged me to write this post regarding today’s passing of Professor Everard Bright, who, as it has been relayed to me, was a professor and researcher from the University of Cincinnati and who, I am also told, was writing a book about cults in the state of Ohio, certainly a book I would not have time to read.

I do not know what brought this Cincinnati academic to our town, but judging from the brief moment that I spent looking at his research, it is clear that he was asking questions that perhaps a person should not ask. If nothing else, let this loss be a reminder that dark corners are dark for a reason.

That said, it has also been reported Professor Everbright died due to an allergic reaction caused by several dozen bee stings, which is sad, odd, and unfortunate, but certainly not out of the realm of natural occurrences, and of no cause for suspicion. I often found myself telling Thompson that bees and other insects belong to an order few of us understand.

I imagine there will be a memorial service at some point as that is something we seem to do a lot of lately, whether the deceased warrant it or not. But whatever it takes to move onward.

Posted by Mayor Elizabeth Zisk on November 3, 2023