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On Friday, November 10th, at approximately 4:45pm, the town of Question Mark, Ohio experienced an extraordinary spore event, generated by A. Quaestio, the enormous fungus that has lived beneath the earth for thousands of years. Based on recent predictions, researchers at the Experimental Crop Station were surprised to learn the specimen had outpaced its projected size by nearly a decade, exploding through the town square in order to complete its glorious, though unpredictable, reproduction cycle.

At the moment, the Experimental Crop Station has more questions than answers. It appears A. Quaestio is responsible for the comatose state of several townspeople who happened to inhale the spores during this event, though researchers are unsure why. We are also quite perplexed as to how the specimen has grown so quickly, though its proximity to the recently-discovered Void may be one factor. It should be stated that we, too, are scared and overworked and confused. Hidden away behind the walls of the ECS, we are also being forced to come face to face with our greatest fears.

Regardless, please be assured we are working tirelessly on an inoculation to reverse the effects of the spores, even though Dr. George Yakamoto, a specialist on A. Quaestio, is also unconscious at this time. Still we will have to find a way to muddle through. In moments like this I often remember what my thesis advisor, Dr. Franks, used to say: the dark can only last so long.

Posted by Allison Andrews, Senior Researcher, Experimental Crop Station on November 13, 2023