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Time is colliding with itself!

a very detailed, very complicated map.

Apparently time in this town is no longer functioning properly, according to FBI Agent Oberman. He explained it to me today and honestly I do not think I understood it all but it had something to do with time being like a piece of fabric. I’m not entirely sure beyond that. I do know that he spent the last few weeks walking around town recording where time leaps backward and where it seems to leap forward and where it cancels itself out, stopping completely.

He used this data to produce a map. He showed it to me and tried to explain all of it, zooming in and out, but I got lost about halfway through. He let me take a picture of it on his tablet though and I am sharing it with you in case anyone is interested.

Even though I don’t totally understand it, I am going to use this map to find Quentin Quinn and to figure out why time is not working the way it should and what it has to do with everything else that has disappeared. I will let you know.

Posted by Violet Bookman on November 27, 2023