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The Void is the future

photograph of a deer silouetted by the void, sunset, late fall..

This afternoon I was in the woods and met Dr. Amodeus Harrington-Willey, a theoretical physicist from the University of Chicago and descendent of town founder Reginald Willey, who said he examined The Void and has determined it is a cosmic abruption of some kind, whatever that means exactly.

And then he did this weird experiment with a purple flower. And said The Void was the future and it was the reason everything kept disappearing.

When I asked him what the town was supposed to do with this information, he just looked at me and said, “Everyone needs to try to prepare themselves.” So there you go, not that anyone is actually paying attention.

Also, I saw a deer and that was nice and I thought if I included that picture then maybe you would actually read this.

Posted by Violet Bookman on December 4, 2023