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Moonlite Grove RV Park Sites Available

an overhead shot of a trailer park in a forest

As the very odd occurrences in town continue to multiply–floating ghost factories, periodic explosions, and some kind of time distortion caused by a big white void from the future–we’re excited to offer a number of high-quality mobile homes and vacant sites which have suddenly become available.

Moonlite Grove RV Park is a family-friendly community with access to wonderful amenities like the Question Mark woods, The Void, the Lost-Lake Drive-in, all with beautiful views of purple-green sunsets caused by off-gassing at the nearby town dump, as well as a reliable mail center and less reliable sewer service.

We’re excited to offer one-year leases at an incredible one-time-only discount. Moonlite Grove provides privacy, security, and a wonderful community atmosphere, though not too much community, as we respect our residents’ private lives as everyone needs a place to have their own little secrets.

I learned as much last weekend during a past-lives retreat in Cleveland. While I was communicating with myself from a previous life, I heard a small British voice say that I needed to make time to be my own person, and that was not a thought I ever had before. I worked forty years at the plastics factory without asking these kinds of questions and now I’m finally figuring out who I am. And that person was probably a Duke or Lord or maybe even a member of the renowned Willey family.

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, we think you’ll be surprised how soon you and your family will call Moonlite Grove “home.”

Posted by Chauncey Phillips, Moonlite Grove RV Park Manager on December 11, 2023