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Town Announcements

Eightcelerator Test Number Two, Tomorrow.

We are pleased to invite the entire town of Question Mark to view the second test of Quantum Dynamic Solutions' Eightcelerator this coming Wednesday at 3pm at the New Tomorrow Industrial Park.

After the surprising results following our first test in July, this second test has been comprehensively checked for safety by JULIA, our state of the art AI technology, which has been responsible for so many other recent New Tomorrow breakthroughs. We are pleased to say that JULIA has given the Eightcelerator full clearance to proceed with tomorrow's test.

Please be advised that those with sensitivity to light or loud sounds may find this test difficult or uncomfortable. Others may experience a beautiful lighter-than-air sensation and a prickling of the hands and feet and/or slight nosebleeds. We hope to see everyone there.

Posted by Darby Cline, New Tomorrow Industries on December 12, 2023