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William Higgland Jr. world premiere, plus Holiday Songs TONITE

To all our local cinephiles,

Now that time seems to be moving in the correct direction again, a reminder that tonight, at the Lost Lake Drive-In, is our annual Classic Holiday Sing-A-Long, featuring White Christmas. Hot chocolate will be served! Portable heaters will also be available for use.

But beyond that, on December 22 we are THRILLED to announce the final event of our 2023 season: the world premiere of Question Mark auteur William Higgland Jr.’s newest fright-fest, I Was In A Murder Cult, which will be shown exclusively at the Lost Lake Drive-In.

The film follows the horrifying predicaments of a young filmmaker as she navigates the dangers of 1980s Los Angeles and finds herself part of an apocalyptic cult bent on ending the world at all costs. I am told there is some light humor throughout and that it is a critique of late-stage capitalism, but so is everything these days, no?

The film will debut on Friday, December 22, at 7pm and will be followed by a number of other Higgland classics including Nightmare Road and Forestface, neither of which I have seen because I cannot abide horror. However, William Higgland will be on hand to sign commemorative posters.

And please remember: For the love of God, do not approach the fence surrounding the sulfur pool. The ground has a high sulfur content which is known to ruin shoes and pants. Also we do not wish to add your name to the plaque of missing people at the Snack Bar. The plaque is running out of room.

Posted by Max Fromm, proprietor, Lost Lake Drive-In on December 16, 2023