Welcome to Question Mark, Ohio

Town Announcements

Please come watch my Musical-Fantasia-Tragedy inspired by Question Mark

a Playbill for The Songbird. The cover features a young person dressed as a policeman and another with a bird on their head.

After being assigned to the town of Question Mark to help support the investigation of the disappearance of Quentin Quinn in July 2023, I found myself drawn to this community of open-hearted, emotionally-complex people. For once, I truly felt like I belonged.

Like many of you, I too was dealing with the loss of something profound. For me, it was the love of musical theater which I had ignored for far too long. In high school and college, I found a deep joy participating in the theater and even considered dropping out of a competitive criminology program in order to pursue this dream. But my parents, especially my mother, encouraged me to continue on a path which eventually led me to becoming an FBI investigator.

After meeting Mr. Lefebvre at QMHS and learning about his shared passion for musicals, I realized I had been lying to myself for the past ten years. This town, with its beautiful, mysterious connection to music, has inspired me to write my first complete musical, which will be performed this evening by the Question Mark Elementary third and fourth grade class in the Elementary School Auditorium. Ms. Holly Peterson has been kind enough to direct. Yes, it is somewhat autobiographical but only its barest emotional context. I have included the first four scenes here for the town to peruse and enjoy.

More than anything, after the many difficult events of the last several months, I hope this performance gives the entire community the opportunity to come together and share an evening of song and hope. I want to thank his town for changing my life. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Posted by Adam Oberman, formerly of the FBI, now resident playwright on February 23, 2024