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Zisk Reinstatement Petition per Article Nine

People of Question Mark,

Following the decision by the Town Council last Saturday to remove Elizabeth Zisk from her duly-elected office as mayor of the town Question Mark, a number of courageous members from our community including Violet Bookman and Iris Englebrecht, have recovered the missing town key, unlocked the town vault, and initiated a review of the Town Council’s actions using Appendix Nine of the town charter.

According to this founding document, the citizens of our town now have the opportunity to reinstate Elizabeth Zisk as mayor by petition. Several invested citizens have set up an online petition for other interested townspeople to sign. Citizens only have 24 hours to sign before the petition will be closed. In order to overturn the Town Council decision, 51% of the population of the town of Question Mark must affirm Elizabeth Zisk’s reinstatement.

It is my duty as Town Council chair to present this opportunity to the citizens of this great town. Democracy is often a strange experiment in free will, hope, and trust. It is no great overstatement to say the fate of this town may very well rest on this single decision. So please choose well.

Posted by Tom Weathers, Town Council on February 25, 2024