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ALERT Ice Cream Cone Statue is Missing

a missing flyer for the Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream cone. It reads MISSING. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CONE? Last Seen 6/2/2023 at 2200 hours in the 700 block of Tower Ave. Height 6'10 Weight 527 lbs

Attention People of Question Mark:

The statue of the giant ice cream that has sat in front of Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream for forty-one years was reported missing this morning. It was last seen at closing on June 2, as reported by Mr. Freeze-E employee, Marlene Winters.

At opening, it was reported as missing by Officer Ronny Dublowski.

This landmark of our town is not small, is not light, and should not be easy to transport. Eyewitnesses to this vandalism are encouraged to come forward.

We want the citizens of Question Mark to understand that the Question Mark Police Department is taking this matter very seriously. Every member of our law enforcement team is on this case. We have produced flyers, so please distribute these widely.

If you have any information DO NOT HESITATE to contact the Question Mark Police Department at (740) 647-4807 extension 1.

Posted by Gus Holt, Question Mark Chief of Police on June 3, 2023