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Question Mart Weekly Sale on Hard-Boiled Eggs!

a photograph of a large jar of eggs on the counter of a convenience store

Eggs are nature's pick-me-up.

Hey, Question Mark. Wow, it’s been a hard week. Did you hear about Mr. Freeze-E and Veterans Hall disappearing? When outright difficult moments like this happen, remember all of us at Question Mart are here to serve you with Hot Foods, Cold Drinks, and a helpful smile.

Ever since we opened our doors, Question Mart has been your one-stop-shop for convenience items, a place where you can grab a coffee, find a snack, or buy one of our up-to-date newspapers or magazines and ponder some of lifes most fascinating questions. (Did you know scientists recently found ripples in space and time? Come by and share your thoughts! I used to study astrophysics and love talking about it!)

This week we're offering a sale on hard boiled eggs for 99 cents a piece! Hard boiled eggs always make you feel better! Come by and grab a few!

Whether you’re craving a Pizzadog or a Sour Apple Arctic Assault Fizzy Blizzie, at Question Mart, we’re here to help. Remember: We doze but we never close!

Posted by Lorna Anderson, Question Mart owner and manager on March 9, 2024