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Another missing statue, if you can believe it

A statue that sort of looks like a British soldier from the 1700s if the sculptor didn't really do a lot of research, on a very tall plinth, silouetted against a pink sky

It’s hard to believe, but the Remembrance statue, the enormous British soldier memorial statue from British Soldier Field, has gone missing. Along with the giant ice cream cone from Mr. Freeze-E and the Question Mark Foods sign, this is the third major landmark in as many months. Also that boy, Quentin Quinn.

The statue was at least twenty feet tall if it was an inch and carved entirely from granite. I seem to remember the installation involved a flatbed and a crane. Those of you who can remember all the way back then, you’ll recall that East Avenue was closed for three days because the flatbed got stuck on the turn. You’ll also remember that Bruno Ellis from Streets and Sanitation almost got crushed when the crane operator looked away for a split second. Something that big isn’t just stolen overnight.

Honestly, I hate to say I am feeling discouraged, but I am. I am going to be sixty-five in a few weeks and have mild angina and I cannot find my medication anywhere. I have, in my spare time—not during work hours—been looking at property in the Florida Keys. I have asked myself and God and others: How much is one officer of the law supposed to be able to take? There are bad days and then there are bad weeks and then there is this.

Again, if anyone knows anything please give us a ring. We’re open to all theories because this one here seems all but impossible.

Posted by Gus Holt, Question Mark Chief of Police on September 2, 2023